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One Bullet: A Free Dieselpunk Sampler

by Escape the Clouds

One Bullet 03:06
Verse 1 Wind snapping through the wires A roaring engine that never tires A song in the ears Of a man with no fear This cavalier pilot for hire. His latest job's a ripened peach Shoot down the airship Anabel Lee Over the coast He'll approach like a ghost And earn his exorbitant fee Chorus 1 One... bullet! ...for each engine. One... bullet! ...for each airman. One... bullet! ...for the Captain All... delivered with such precision. Verse 2 A contract killer for twenty-five years In high regard by his mafia peers. From Bangkok to Praque He'll take any job As long as he's pulling the trigger. He spots the airship off of his bow A luxury ship with a passenger haul. He lines up the sights Of his twenty mike-mike Ready to tear up her hull Chorus 1 Verse 3 As he careens down through the sky He has no idea he's been trapped in a lie This passenger ship Is an elaborate trick A frigate in disguise. As she lets loose with every cannon The pilot learns a fiery lesson Never get caught Stripped down to your socks With the wife of a mafia don Chorus 2 One bullet! ...in his engine One bullet! ...for indiscretion One bullet! ...courtesy of the Captain Shot down!... by his own passion.
Verse 1 Turn down the gas lamps in your somber tower. Where their eyes cannot see they have no power. Undo the laces... slip off the braces of your corset. Your skin glistens as I listen to your heartbeat. Verse 2 Pressed hard against the wall, soft flesh against stone. Our fingers seek places it feels we've already known. Let go your shame... you're not to blame for the scars you bear. I will be your light... throughout the night I'll keep you near Chorus A thing so precious yet unfit for a noble queen Wrapped in a veil, so beautiful yet so obscene An abomination to those who'd imprison our waking hearts. If this is a sin then let God himself tear us apart. Verse 3 The door lies open so let's make our escape Their judgment means nothing outside of this place. Listen to me... your every need will never be denied. I am your lady in waiting... always wanting... to be at your side Chorus
Verse 1 11:35 in the morning and you're walking to the train. The paper says it's just another day but the air doesn't smell the same. A benevolent voice echoes across the square, echoing benevolent lies... As uniformed men wash down the streets where the voice of freedom died. Chorus You stand for what you believe in. You stand for what you love. You stand for those who've had enough. Verse 2 The Earth shakes beneath the thunder of approaching wheels. You wonder how a people can stand when they've been only taught to kneel. You hold your ground and face their armor and their smoking guns. No one will ever know your name, but you're the voice of everyone. Chorus Bridge One single light in the shadow of aggression. One voice of reason. One little revolution. Chorus


In honor of International Dieselpunk Day, Escape the Clouds presents a free sampler covering three years' worth of albums. We're immediately thrown into the cockpit on the "The Air Race", a song capturing the intensity of the world's fastest motorsport. We move on to "One Bullet" and follow an aerial hitman on his latest job. On "Lady in Waiting" Unwoman lends her vocals to a tale of hidden love. The instrumental "Among the Stars" takes us into the sky in search of hope. "Little Revolutions" caps the sampler with a story of Cold War heroism.

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If you would like explore the full albums, here are where you can find each of the tracks:

Until the End--"One Bullet", "Lady and Waiting", and "Little Revolutions"

Circumnavigator--"The Air Race"

Bring the Rain--"Among the Stars"


released November 10, 2012

All Music ©2009-2011 by Mark Rossmore
Vocals on "Lady in Waiting" by Unwoman (www.unwoman.net)


all rights reserved



Escape the Clouds Fort Myers, Florida

Escape the Clouds crafts stories through both music and words, creating vivid, character-driven steampunk music. For more information about this and other work, please visit:

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